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Our Story

Hi, we’re Alex (he/him) and Anuva (he/him),
the co-founders of Mutual Love. We have 25+ years of experience as entrepreneurs, creators, curators,  event producers, and community builders amplifying LGBTQ+ ecosystems. We are also proud Brown trans men and
first-generation Americans. 

Mutual Love began because of a spark in our friendship. We met while working together in Fall 2020, and quickly realized that our shared vision of LGBTQ+ agency, rest, connection, joy, and well-being for ourselves and our communities was not just a need but a possibility. 

We wanted better experiences for ourselves and for the communities and legacies that we are part of, so we decided to make it happen. 

We know that there is a world where queer and trans thriving and well-being is commonplace -- join us.

Email if you’d like to connect.

2022- Present

We had our first gathering in June 2022, during NYC Pride, just 6 weeks after coming up with the idea for Mutual Love. Over 500 creators, founders, and community builders joined us!

Since then, we’ve curated panels at Polygon, EthGlobal, and myBFF, hosted IRL meetups in LA, and digital events about cultivating queer and trans joy and rest. 

In September 2022, we decided to celebrate the one year of Mutual Love’s existence with an unofficial SXSW event in 2023 about inner child healing, joy, and rest and regulation in community. A one day event blossomed into a 3-day festival! We hope that you'll join us on our journey, and we’re grateful for all of our supporters along the way.

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